Reiki, Music & Energy Practitioner

Sue Hoadley, Certified Music Practitioner, trained by Music for Healing and Transitions Program pioneered music and sound healing programs in several of Albuquerque's leading hospitals and hospices. She has given workshops and in-services to doctors and staff to facilitate implementation and has been providing healing harp music since the year 2000.

Through her combined experience and expertise as a Reiki, music and energy practitioner, Sue Hoadley delivers therapeutic pain and anxiety management to patients in varying conditions. The music is specially crafted to tune into the body’s natural harmonic rhythm and regulate breathing, heart rates and hormone production to an optimal level of relaxation. Healing or “anxiolytic” music uses gentle textures and a soothing timbre to balance body functions, restore calm and compel the mind away from discomfort, pain, stress or fear. Patients exposed to anxiolytic music have statistically shown more favorable vital functions, reduced stress levels, increased endorphin production and other positive effects.

Contact Sue for more information on healing harp music and see the recordings section to bring Sue’s music to your loved ones, or to enjoy it during your meditation or yoga sessions.

 There is a growing body of scientific evidence proving the efficacy of therapeutic music.
Studies have shown statistically significant results where anxiolytic, relaxing music:

  1. Reduces patient awareness of pain.
  2. Helps regulate the patient’s respiration,
    blood pressure, and heart rate.
  3. Increases oxygen saturation in the blood
  4. Increases the production of endorphins.
  5. Decreases stress hormones in the blood
    (cortisol and ACTH).
  6. Decreases anxiety and agitation.
  7. Eases the family’s tension.
    (For documentation, see the Research Tab)

"In playing harp and flute at the bedside of acutely and chronically ill people,
I have consistently seen the comfort, pain relief, deep relaxation and hope, therapeutic music brings. It has a profound and immediate effect on physiology, psyche and the soul. The healing takes place as I closely observe, and listen profoundly and intuitively to the condition and needs of the individual patient and then create music to match and fill that person's need. As I witness the effect of the music, an exchange takes place between the listener and myself
which leaves me in wonder and gratitude." 

Sampling of Unsolicited Responses

I want to tell you what happened to me the other day when you played for me.  I was all pain, my lungs were full, I couldn't breath, my heart was racing, my whole world was pain.  Your music gave me a bridge, and took me away from the world of pain.You were a bridge that gave me a way back.  I want to thank you for that.
A.N. (patient at Heart Hospital of NM) 

Today we were visited at the Heart Center by the "Harp Lady".
My husband was overjoyed that she had returned to play again.  He was undergoing a treatment and he just closed his eyes and absorbed the sensation that filled us both with peace. The emotions that the Harp has produced in both of us were very special. It calmed, filled our minds and souls with hope and gave us a new day.
Adrienne N.  (wife of patient at Heart Hospital of NM) 

Dear Sue, Thanks, thanks for bringing your marvelous harp music into our beloved son's life!
It gave him such a place of peace---which he probably had at no other time!  Our hearts are filled with gratitude. 'Tis a great and holy work you do!
(mother of hospice patient) 

Your harpist made such a difference to mother.  She was so ill, but the absolutely beautiful music could still be heard through the closed door.  It helped her immeasurably to listen to it. It calmed her so much.
(daughter of patient at Heart Hospital of NM) 

Dear Sue, You are certainly blessed with a beautiful talent.
You don't know how much you blessed Mother, Daddy and the rest of us. Your music this afternoon gave me a chance to "let it all out" and give God a chance to give me peace about Daddy.  The music was so very soothing to my heart and soul. I think Mother was also soothed by your music.  She has talked about it several times.
May God continue to bless you and your ministry to others.
(daughter of patient at Heart Hospital of NM) 

It calmed me down, too!  Thanks for your beautiful skill.
(Dr. S physician at Heart Hospital of NM)


One morning I awoke to a haunting melody. I looked out my hospital room door
and saw a lovely lady playing a harp and flute. I was mesmerized by the unusual music and followed her through the hospital in my wheel chair.  I sat very close to the harp as she played and felt the vibrations in my large open wound. I bought her CDs and played them daily. Within a week my wound from my amputation (which hadn't healed until then) started to heal. Each week she came into my room and played for me solo. Within a month my wound started to close. When the music would start, I could feel tingling where my lost leg had once been and tingling in the wound.
(patient Kindred Hospital) 

Upon entering the Heart Hospital NM, such a feeling of peace comes over you and you realize that healthcare has been raised to a new dimension. Knowing that medicine has become dominated by drugs and surgery, Heart Hospital recognizes the spiritual needs of our being and exemplifies this concern in many ways; but most emphatically by providing the Healing Harp, which truly heals! Sue Hoadley is an effective conduit for spiritual healing. The clarity and simplicity of her music envelops our hearts. Jim and I, and his wonderful children and their families, shall never forget the angel's music at Heart Hospital.  It stilled Jim's heart and his anxieties, and it healed us each in many ways.
(wife of patient at Heart Hospital of New Mexico) 

An interview with
Dr. Paul Levy and Sue Hoadley;
Heart Hospital of New Mexico
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